Announcement to Bane Nor that ‘Al-Qaeda urges terrorism to rail and subway traffic’

metro, subway, Hadia TajikMetro. Photo: Norway Today Media

Al-Qaeda has published a comprehensive guide on means to committing terrorist acts against trains, subway systems, and stations. The Norwegian Railway Inspectorate has notified Bane Nor.

In the latest edition of inspiration for would-be terrorists, al-Qaeda encouraged its supporters  to commit terrorist acts on transport systems in general, and to attack rail, subway, passengers, and road infrastructure in particular.

The call is being taken seriously by Norwegian railways, to the extent that the Norwegian State Railways Authority (Statens Jernbanetilsyn – SJT) has notified Bane Nor.

One of the methods described in detail is how to derail trains.

‘In the wake of al-Qaeda’s article, Bane Nor received a missive from the Norwegian Railway Supervisory Authority (SJT).

Against this background, we made an announcement to the traffic companies that operate the Norwegian rail network,’ said communications adviser, Harry Korslund, of Bane Nor to TV 2 news channel.

He emphasized that the Police Security Service (PST) doesn’t see  any need to raise emergency preparedness.

Al-Qaeda’s call to commit terrorism against transport systems was also alerted to Sweden and Denmark’s transport authorities. Bandeanmark is in ‘ongoing dialogue’ with the Police Intelligence Service (PET), according to the news agency Ritzau.

The Swedish Transport Administration have sent an email to the Swedish railway companies, SJ and MTR, who, operate subway and commuter traffic in Sweden. Personnel were encouraged to be aware of people who are on the trains, and left luggage on trains, wrote Aftonbladet newspaper.

And given that ‘terrorism’ is called ‘terrorism’ because of its purpose of inducing ‘terror’ in society, the international press are doing their bit by ensuring that ‘terrorism’ stays front and centre in the headlines across Europe on a weekly and daily basis.


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