Another heat record in southern Norway

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Another heat record in southern Norway

On Sunday there was another heat record in southern Norway with 32.9 degrees centigrade in Buskerud. Now temperatures will drop somewhat in the south, while there in the north can experience snowfall in the mountains.


It was Drammen and Vestfossen in Buskerud that got the highest temperatures on Sunday, with a record for the year thus far – at 32.9 degrees, according to NRK. It is two tenths higher than the record from May, which was at 32.7. That was measured in Etne, Hordaland on May 30ieth.

Nor can the other counties east of the mountains complain about the temperatures. In all counties there has been so-called tropical day with temperatures above 30.

After Buskerud, the highest temperatures were measured in Oslo and Akershus, and among other places Gvarv in Telemark, Byglandsfjord in Aust-Agder and Nord-Odal in Hedmark, the thermometer reached 30 degrees or more.

In Western Norway, temperatures were slightly below 30 degrees on Sunday. In Eik, in the south of Rogaland, it was however 28.4 degrees, and at Voss and in Ullensvang it reached 28 degrees.

Colder in the south

But now it’s the end of the tropical weather, at least for the time being.

– There will be a formidable temperature drop in southern Norway from Monday and a few days ahead, says State Meteorologist Per Egil Haga at Meteorological Institute to Dagbladet.

However, it does not mean that summer temperatures disappear. According to the long-term forecast, it is reported around 20 degrees several places in southern Norway, and up to 25 degrees during the weekend.

Snow in the north

Then it’s worse in Northern Norway. Large amounts of rain and temperatures down towards 0 degrees centigrade on some mountain crossings can lead to slippery roads and snow showers in Nordland and Troms.

Traffic Operator at The Public Roads Authority North (Vegtrafikksentralen) encourages motorists who want to cross Saltfjellet or Bjørnfjell in Nordland to keep themselves updated on weather forecasts and traffic announcements before driving over the mountains during the next few days.

– It has not been snowing in the district for a month but now it may be necessary to have a pair of winter tires at the ready, says Nyland to Dagbladet.


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