Another violent episode at Furuset in Oslo

Oslo 20171211. En person er knivstukket på Furuset i Oslo mandag kveld. Foto: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

A young man was injured when several teenagers fought at Furuset in Oslo on Tuesday evening. Recently, another young man was stabbed in the same place.


‘A man has been taken for emergency care, but he is not seriously injured,’ said operations manager, Tor Gulbrandsen, of Oslo police district after Tuesday’s violent incident.

A police patrol was in the area after Monday’s violence, when a young man was stabbed. Four people were arrested after the knife attack, but two of them were later released. Gulbrandsen told NTB news that it is normal for the police to check if there is any connection between the two events.


‘We are investigating whether there may be any connection. After Monday’s event, we were focused on this area, and had a unit on site when we received the message. But despite the fact that the police were in the area, they fought together,’ said Gulbrandsen.

‘If it turns out to be a context of continued violence, it will be natural to see if we are going to take any extra measures, for example, to prosecute someone for imprisonment,’ said Gulbrandsen.

It is not known whether the police have already decided to prosecute the two arrested after Monday’s knife arrest for further detention. The two are charged with the knife attack, or involvement in it.

Young men and boys

As of Monday, there were also many young men and boys aged between 15 and 20 in the area of Furuset Library and Activity Center, just next to Furuset Center, on Tuesday night.

It was an extensive job for the police to talk to and interrogate the different witnesses.

No one was arrested after the fighting late on Tuesday night, but several police patrols remained in the area as a preventive measure.

‘There were no arrests at any time, but we have gathered information from many witnesses, and secured the scene. The police will investigate the case’, Gulbrandsen said about an hour after the fighting took place.

The young man who was driven to hospital on Monday was out of danger on Tuesday. The man had been stabbed several times.

The Oslo police will not yet confirm or declare whether the people involved belong to a familiar gang, but confirmed that all those involved in Monday’s knife stabling are known to the police from beforehand.

NTB Scanpix / Norway Today