Anti-terror boss warns against car or truck attack on Karl Johan

jobsKarl Johans gate. Photo Norway Today Media.

London’s antiterrorist chief, Nick Aldworth, has warned against vehicle terrorism on Karl Johans gate in Oslo. City council leader, Raymond Johansen of Arbeiderpartiet (Ap), said action is just around the corner.


‘I walked up Karl Johans gate and groaned,’ said Aldworth when he attended a Security Conference in Oslo in September.

He told VG newspaper that, ‘The street has a very long and clear passage where there could be disastrous encounters between motor vehicles and people’.

The antiterrorist expert headed up the main street to the castle in Oslo when the attacks on La Rambla in Barcelona, and in Stockholm, were still fresh in memory. This week, such an attack happened again in New York.

‘The Westminster attack shows us that obstacles save lives,’ said Aldworth to the newspaper. He himself recruited the guard who died in the London attack, and set up the security plan for physical barriers around Westminster.

‘It makes me sad that my plan caused someone to die, but it makes me happy that my plan prevented the terrorist from doing something much worse’.
The City Council leader said that they will be proposing short-term measures.

‘Oslo must be a safe city to live in,’ said Raymond Johansen, adding that a working group has been set up for this purpose.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today