The appellate court to consider gross benefit fraud


A 51 year old man from Oslo will, on Tuesday, will attend the Court of Appeal after he was indicted for aggravated social security fraud.

In January last year, at Oslo City Court, he was convicted of complicity in gross social security fraud for six women, totalling 3.1 million, and for contributing to the attempt of insurance fraud for another person, and private social security fraud for over 600,000. The man was convicted for crimes that took place from 2008, to 2012.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment, of which six months were suspended.

Furthermore, the 51-year-old was partly deprived of the right to run his own business for five years, or from taking a leadership position in any business, and to pay compensation to Nav social security office.

The man, who came to Norway from Kosovo in 1990, appealed to the Court of Appeal, who will consider the assessment of evidence for themselves of the alleged benefit fraud. About the other objections, the appellate court refused to comment.

The District Court referred to a judgment of the Court of Appeal, and the 51-year-old will now attempt to gain the same right. This judgment concerned inter fraud of 730,000.

The man was sentenced to prison for one year and four months, of which ten months were suspended because of the long length in waiting to go to trial.

The Court of Appeal said the sentencing was related to the fraud, and the ratio qualified for imprisonment for up to one year.

But that when it came to his own fraud, he qualified for imprisonment for about ten months.

The trial is set to last for four days, and the matter is being presided by judge Einar Kaspersen Borgarting, at the Court of Appeal.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today