Apple CEO: – Children should not use social media

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple boss Tim Cook says he does not want his nephew to use social media.


The statements came during a conference Cook held for students at Harlow College in Essex, London.

“I do not believe in the overuse of technology and I am not a person who believes we will achieve more success if we use it all the time,” said CEO of Apple Tim Cook to The Guardian newspaper.

“I do not share that mindset at all.”

Cook also believes that digital technology should not dominate school education.

“Some things need to be talked about and understood even in courses that deal with computer-aided technology, such as graphic design,” said Cook.

– Not for children
The 57-year-old who took over the position of Apple boss in 2011 also warns against allowing children to use social media. Cook does not have children, but has set limits on what his nephew is allowed to do.

– There are some things I do not want to allow. I do not want him to use social media.

Cook would not tell why he was worried about the use of social media.

Less time on screen
Cook’s statement comes only a week after Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg told that the company will make major changes to the news flow on their website.

Updates from professional news sites will no longer be prioritized, while there will be more personal updates like vacation photos and amateur videos. Zuckerberg added that he expected people to spend less time on Facebook, but that the time people spend on the social network would be more valuable.


Source: NRK / Norway Today