Applicants for permanent residence must be able to support themselves

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Applicants for permanent residence must be able to support themselves

A new requirement means that you must be able to financially support yourself when applying for a permanent residence permit in Norway.


The new requirement for income will apply to those submitting permanent residence permit applications to the police, and will come into force on September the 1st this year, or later.

It’s been approved by parliament, and the government, and will apply to applicants between the ages of 18 and 67.

Some applicants may be exempted

One must have had a total before tax income from labour, or business, of at least NOK 238,784, nor can applicants have received any financial social assistance from NAV during the past twelve months before submission of the application.

Additionally, applicants must have made this income themselves, and can’t include money that a spouse or other family member has earned. Money received from others, or on account from a previous period, will be discounted.

However, some people between 18 and 67 may be exempted from the new requirements.


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