Approaching a snow-free record in Oslo

jobsKarl Johans gate. Photo Norway Today Media.

Oslo is approaching a snow-free record. The capital has not had snow in January. “Climate changes are here,” says the Meteorological Institute.

January is associated with low temperatures and large amounts of snow, but the capital has so far been characterized by plus degrees and mild weather.

Exactly 30 years ago, the measurements at Blindern in Oslo showed zero snow until January 26th. On Sunday, meteorologists set a new record, NRK reports.

“This is part of what we expect with climate change. There will be greener and warmer winters in the lowlands. It will be more unusual for there to be snow here,” meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss told NRK.

If there is no surprising snowfall in the next few days, this will be the first time a completely snow-free January is registered in Oslo. The average temperature has so far been 2.9 degrees Celsius, while the average is usually minus 4.3 Celsius.

More than 100 other places in the country are breaking a new record in January. In Tromsø, the average temperature has so far been minus 0.3 degrees Celsius, while the average is usually minus 4.4 Celsius. In Trondheim in January it is usually minus 3 degrees Celsius, but this year the average has been 3.4 plus degrees.

“It shows that climate changes are here. For plant life this can have major consequences. Flowers start to germinate but risk dying if there is a cold period. The soil is also changing – we are experiencing landslides rather than avalanches,” says Gislefoss.

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