Approximately 100 cars vandalised in southern Sweden

MALMÖMALMÖ, SWEDEN.Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT / NTB scanpix

Nearly 100 cars were harassed and vandalised by masked youth in several places in Sweden on Monday night. Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, is furious.


‘’I’m getting angry. My question to you is: what the hell do you agree with?’’ was Löfv’s clear message is to the black-clad and masked perpetrators.

“You are destroying things for yourself, you are destroying things for your neighbours,” said the Swedish Prime Minister on Sweden’s Radio.

Shock attack

Justice and Home Affairs Minister Morgan Johansson also reacted strongly to reports that nearly 100 cars were stopped or vandalised in cities such as Gothenburg, Trollhättan,Stockholm and Uppsala on Monday night.

‘’Read about the shabby attacks, creating car fires in Gothenburg right now. Last year,the government tightened the penalty for gross damage, which now can give up to six years in prison’’, he said.

“I hope the rings can be arrested so that they can get the punishment they deserve,” Johansson continued.


The first reports about car fires started flowing from Gothenburg and Trollhättan at 21.00 on Monday evening. Over the night, there were similar messages from Stockholm and several other cities.

Surveillance images showed black-clad and masked perpetrators who ran from car to car, carrying hammers and flammable materials. Nobody was arrested by this morning and the police asked the public for help.

Social Media

“There may be people who have seen something, or parents who have had young people who smell a little too much of petrol instead of cigarettes,” said police spokesman,Hans Lippens to Aftonbladet newspaper. He believes the car fires were organised through social media, as do eye witnesses.

‘’I saw three to four boys, dressed in black. One of them threw a molotov cocktail against a car that shot fire at once. Then there was a big bang,’’ told an eye witness to GT.

‘’This was organised.They aimed to do as much damage as possible. I was afraid,’’ said the eye witness.

Stones and fireworks

When the police moved to reports of car fires in the Kronogården area in Trollhättan, they were met by stone throwing youngsters.

“Youthful boys also threw fireworks and stones at the police,” said police spokeswoman,Ulla Brehm.

No police officers were injured, but there were also no arrests.


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