April is becoming an increasingly hot month

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Gulsvik in Flå municipality south of Hallingdal had the warmest day so far this year, with 23.5 degrees on Wednesday.

Then followed Drammen (23.2), Konnerud and Gvarv (22.3) and Sigdal (22.2).

At the Florida meteorlogical station in Bergen, six out of 30 days in April last year were so-called Nordic summer days (maximum temperature of at least 20 degrees).

This year’s edition of April has delivered a blocking high pressure for Southern Norway. So far we have had five days with at least 15 degrees in Bergen.

Climate researcher Reidun Gangstø Skaland at the Institute of Meteorology has gone through the development of warm spring days over the past 60 years.

She has looked at every day in April for the period 1961-1990 and the period 1990–2019, and calculated an average of the number of days with maximum temperatures above 10 and 15 degrees.

– In Bergen, on average there have been six more days with temperatures above 10 degrees, and three more days with more than 15. There are thus significant changes that we see, says Skaland.

The trend is the same throughout the country: the Spring month is getting warmer.

– We see that the warm spring days in April are increasing in numbers across the board. This is exactly what we expect here in Norway as the global temperatures rise, says the climate scientist.

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