Arfan Bhatti is detained, appeals on the spot

Arfan BhattiArfan Bhatti .Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Arfan Bhatti is detained for four weeks, appeals on the spot

The so-called Islamist, Arfan Bhatti was detained for four weeks with a letter and a ban on visits. Bhatti appeals on the spot. It is May, time to celebrate May 17th and incarnate Bhatti. The former leader of the fundamentalist group The Prophet’s Ummah is once again detained.


Violation of the weapons act

Bhatti was arrested late on May 16th for violations of the weapons act. The prison meeting was held on Thursday in Oslo district court.

Bernt Heiberg represented Bhatti during the prison meeting on behalf of John Christian Elden. Bhatti asked to be released. The proceedings were partially closed. This because the parties were sifting through documents that neither the press nor Bhatti has access to.

– He explains that he has nothing to do with this at all. The prosecutor has so far not provided sufficient proof that there are any grounds for suspicion, Heiberg tells NTB after the hearing.

Closed doors

He will not comment on what the reason that the police connect Bhatti to the gunfire that was performed on Saturday.

– As the prosecutor sees it is justified to bar documents from both my client and the public.

– What we negotiate behind closed doors is not correct for me to comment on it, explains the lawyer.

Nor does he want to comment on Bhatti’s relationship with those who are arrested. Heiberg reiterates Bhatti’s view that the arrest is politically founded, indicating that he has no connection with the weapons found.

Refuses to give DNA sample

In connection with the arrest, Bhatti refused fingerprinting, photographing or giving DNA samples. He has provided this kind of information earlier, Heiberg points out.

– He looks at it as something that can not be justified by the police’s specific needs. He will avail himself if the District Court considers that there is a valid reason to ‘signal’ him, Heiberg says.

– As a general rule, the police’s desire to obtain such information is not justified in this investigation.

Another detention hearing

In advance of the imprisonment meeting, police attorney Anne Cathrine Aga says to NTB that they started to investigate the case on Saturday and that another person has already been detained.

– On Saturday the police found cartridges in Oslo. We are investigating the matter, and findings lead us to suspect that Arfan Bhatti is involved.


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