Armed Forces handled 23 sex cases

Armed Forces Rape SexDefense Photo: Terje Pedersen, NTB scanpix

The Armed Forces handled 23 possible sexual violations

For the first time in six years, the number of reported sexual violations in the Armed Forces has decreased. “There is no reason for the Armed Forces to rest on their laurels,” says the Norwegian Officers Association.


In 2011, eight sexual violations were registered in the Armed Forces, and by 2015 the number had increased to 25. In 2016, 32 sexual violations were reported. Thus, for the first time in six years, the number of such offenses has decreased – with 23 reported cases in 2017.

The figures VG has gained access to, which is part of the forthcoming annual report from the Armed Forces Military Police, shows an increase in the number of cases that deal with “sexually offensive behavior”. Last year, 19 such cases were reported, against 15 cases in 2016.

Sexually offensive behavior is a milder version of sexual activity. The decline in one and the increase in the other should be seen in context, says Captain and spokesperson for the Defense, Per-Thomas Bøe, to VG.

– We interpret this as that those who have addressed others without their consent have done it in a less intrusive way in 2017 than in 2016.

Two people reported for the purchase of sex

One of the cases from last year is classified as “sexual act without consent”, while three cases are concerning rape. These are differentiated in the Criminal Code.

All sexual violations have been handed over to civilian police for further investigation, senior advisor in the Defense Staff, Katrine Gramshaug, says in an email to VG.


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