The Armed Forces publishes video footage where Norwegian soldiers kill IS warriors

Telemark BataljonTelemark Bataljon.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

For the first time, the Norwegian Armed Forces have published recordings of Norwegian soldiers in battle against IS in Iraq. One of the videos shows Norwegian soldiers killing an IS warrior.


It is the Telemark battalion who participated in the military action at the front lines of Iraq, which is what is shown in the video clips, according to NRK.

The Norwegian soldiers are in Iraq as part of a US-led coalition force consisting of more than 60 countries, where Norway is part of the coalition’s core group of 20 countries. Where they will train, advise and assist Iraqi leaders at the brigade and divisional level, not to contribute in direct combat actions, and only shoot in self-defense.

Chief of the battalion, Terje Bruøygard, was present during the missions and served as a counselor for Iraqi officers. He states that all assignments made by Norwegians were made in accordance with the mandate given. There were shots fired on a number of occasions, but only in self-defense and on several occasions, IS warriors were killed.

Bruygard says that the reason the Armed Forces chose to publish the video now is so that they could be open about what they do.

“There are not many who are aware of our role or that Norwegian forces participated in the most intense acts of war for many years,” says Bruøygard.

He believes the soldiers did not anticipate the extent of what was expected in Iraq, saying they only had a couple of days of preparation before they were sent to the front.

“We were thrown into a big offensive no-one from Norway was prepared,” says Bruøygard.


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