Armed man arrested after car chase

Police helicopter Armed manPolice helicopter. Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

Armed man arrested after car chase – officer injured

An armed man has been arrested after short, but intense, car chase at Skedsmokorset in Akershus. A police officer was injured in during the incident.


The East Police District received notification about a stolen car at around 8.30 on Wednesday morning.

After locating the stolen car near Skedsmokorset, the police attempted to stop it, but instead of yielding, the driver put the pedal to the metal and crashed into the police car. A police officer was slightly injured in the episode.

The car thief drove off, but after the collision, his car was damaged, and he chose to abandon it, according to the police.

– There are subsequent observations of a man running from the car carrying a weapon. He then obtains another car by threatening the owner with firearms and drives away. After following him using both cars and a helicopter, we get control of the car, the man surrenders and we arrest him at Gjerdrum, says Operations Manager in the East Police District, Ronny Årstein to NTB.

The man is previously known to the police.


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