The Army aims to stop spying on defense contractors

Soldiers from 2. battalionFinnmark County, Norway. Soldiers from 2. battalion.Photo: Ole-Sverre Haugli/Hæren/Forsvarets mediesenter / NTB scanpix

The army wants more action to stop spies. Current legislation is not good enough, they believe.

‘With today’s threats and technological developments, it is natural to look at the laws and regulations that apply to our business’, said Brigadier and Chief of Staff of the army, Ingrid Margrethe Gjerde, to NRK news.

During two weeks in November, they monitored at least ten unknown drones over the large military exercise, ’Rein 2’, for defense with soldiers from the US Marines in inner Troms. Police Security Services are still investigating the case.

In a submission to the Defence Staff (Forsvarsstaben – FST) the army wrote that it wants a ban on unidentified drones.

‘We need a regulation that clarifies how to protect our installations and objects’, said Gjerde.

The Chief of Staff believes the current temporary law on the control of geographical information is outdated. The army must also have bans on photography and information retrieval, to protect military installations and facilities.

‘In addition, there is a need for police powers that make Defense even able to enforce such a ban’, said Gjerde.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today