Around half of Norwegians believe that the Corona epidemic in Norway will last until Christmas

corona epidemic in NorwayPhoto: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix Modellklarert

There is a slight increase among those who think it the Corona measures are too stringent in Norway, according to a new survey. Around half respond that the epidemic will last until Christmas.

These are the results in Infact’s weekly survey on the Corona measures in Norway, which is carried out on behalf of Nettavisen and Amedia.

3,098 people were interviewed in Monday’s survey.

12.4 per cent say that there are too many measures in this country. This is up 1 percentage point from the last two weeks.

Most people in Nordland believe the measures are too strict, followed by Agder and Rogaland. Few people in the West and Inland counties believe there are too many measures.

Still, most people have great confidence in the authorities. Also, fewer people this week respond that they fear for their health, finances and older relatives.

Several are prepared for a long-term Corona epidemic.

48.6 per cent say they believe the Corona epidemic in Norway will last until Christmas, whilst 18.6 believe it will last for several years. 14.5 percent believe it will last until the summer.

On Monday there were fewer people who believe that there are not enough measures taken in Norway. 12.6 per cent responded that there was too little action, down from 15.8 per cent last Monday. Most people in Troms and Finnmark believe the measures are too weak.

In general, Norwegians are satisfied with the measures taken by the authorities. 66.9 per cent believe in the measures that have been introduced, up from 64 per cent last week.

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