Asia Must Prepare for Zika


The Zika virus will most likely spread further in Asia, warns the World Health Organization (WHO).

In a new report, WHO assessed the organization prospect of the spread of the virus in the eastern parts of Asia, which are located on or near the Pacific Ocean.
The virus has already been detected in at least 19 countries. Over 400 cases have been registered in Singapore, while fewer than 20 currently are detected in Vietnam and the Philippines.
“It is very likely that there will be evidence of new cases and perhaps new outbreaks,” according to a new report from WHO.
The Zika virus has existed in Asia for over 50 years. The attention surrounding the disease rose sharply after the discovery that pregnant women affected with Zika are at increased risk of giving birth to children with deformed heads and abnormally small brains.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today