Wants a report filed on Keshvari

Mazyar Keshvari Travel expense claimMazyar Keshvari (Progress Party) is in dire straits after fictictious travel expense claims. Photo: Storyinget.no / Pixabay.com

Moxnes asks the Parliament to file a report on Keshvari

Leader of Red, Bjørnar Moxnes implores The Parliament’s Presidency to report Mazyar Keshvari (Progress Party), who has received refunds based on fictitious travel expense returns, to the police. The latest information reveals that a report has been filed with the police.


Bjørnar Moxnes announces that he will submit a letter to the presidency during Thursday asking for a police report to be filed against Keshvari, according to NTB.

– Unless they possess information that implies that Aftenposten’s article is incorrect. Keshvari has received money that he is not entitled to from the Norwegian Parliament. Then it is natural for the presidency to file a report and request an investigation, says Moxnes.

He believes that it is the Presidency that is entitled to file a report, as Keshvari’s actions have resulted in payments from the Parliament’s coffers.

– I believe the Presidency should be explicit about prosecution if the investigation reveals criminal acts, the Leader of Red continues.

Asks for a review

– But it’s not primarily the Norwegian Parliament that is the injured party here. That it is the taxpayers that are, according to Moxnes.

He will also ask the Presidency for a full review of the travel expense claims system.

– This case reveals major shortcomings and inadequate control. I also think the Norwegian population expect this to be cleaned up and that MP’s have a more lax system than other people have, Moxnes goes on to say.

According to Aftenposten, Mazyar Keshvari has submitted undocumented travel expense claims for NOK 290,000. The newspaper has solid proof that the MP has been in Oslo while claiming NOK 36,000 in travel expenses.

Sick leave

Attorney Arve Lønning represents Keshvari, who has been on a sick leave since October 9th. In a statement issued through his lawyer, Keshvari apologises to party colleagues, colleagues in the Norwegian Parliament, the voters and taxpayers.

« During a period of time, his life situation has been difficult and very demanding for a number of reasons I can not divulge at present. There is no excuse but an explanation of why it could go so wrong and that he will protect himself and family by not participating in any interviews or providing any further statements.», writes Lønnum.

The Parliament Director, Marianne Andreassen on Wednesday said that it was too early to say whether the issue will be reported to the police.

While Keshvari is on sick leave, The Progress Party Nestor, Carl I. Hagen, meets in his stead.

Serious breach of confidence

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen believes Mazyar Keshvari’s fictitious travel expense claims are unacceptable and a serious breach of confidence.

– This is a betrayal of the confidence he has been shown as a Member of Parliament and Progress Party (FrP) politician. I’m glad that Mazyar Keshvari admits to the facts and apologises. This is a very serious issue, that needs to be cleared up, writes Jensen in an email to NTB.

She points out that the party is keen to take care of Keshvari, who she mentions as a close colleague who is in a very difficult situation right now.

She says it is up to The Norwegian Parliament to consider how the case should be dealt with.

– This case has consequences for Mazyar Keshvari’s political career. As a politician, you must depend on trust. That trust has Mazyar Keshvari abused. But this is primarily a matter between The Norwegian Parliament and Mazyar Keshvari. As a Political Party, we will follow up the case in our organs. He is currently on sick leave and not active in any political positions, she writes.

The Norwegian Parliament must clean up the mess

– This must be handled without silk gloves. We must demand neat conditions, says Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives).

– All cases involving non-compliance with rules and legislation contribute to a weakening of trust. At the same time, I think most people see that single acts from individual representatives are not representative of the politicians in Norway. But it is clear that we have responsibilities regarding laws and regulations and to comply with those, Solberg states, who met the Norwegian press corps in Brussels on Thursday.

Keshvari (Progress Party) admits to having received sums of money he was not entitled to from the Norwegian Parliament, by the way of fictitious travel expense claims.

Solberg says it is both Keshvari’s and The Parliament’s responsibility to clean up the mess.

The Parliament files a report

The Parliament files a police report on Mazyar Keshvari (Frp) after he has submitted undocumented travel claims. The regulations will be reviewed because of this.

The Administration of the Parliament has filed a report to the Oslo Police District on Thursday regarding possible abuse of their travel compensation scheme, the Director of the Norwegian Parliament, Marianne Andreassen, informs NTB.

– The case is serious. We are keen to divulge what has happened. Therefore, we have chosen to file a report. To shed light on the case, get to the bottom of the matter and assess if there is a basis for prosecution, she says.

She adds that the Presidency has concurred, but that the decision has been taken by the Administration.

Review the regulations

the President of the Parliament, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen (Conservatives), states that the rules for travel allowances for MP’s must be reviewed.

– When we experience that the system is being abused, it is obvious that we need a thorough review to asses changes in the regulatory framework, according to the President.

Frp representative Morten Wold in the Presidency tells NTB that a review of the regulations is quite natural when serious abuse is discovered.

– The system is largely based on trust. We do not yet know what else will surface after Aftenposten’s scrutiny of the travel expense claims, but we hope there will come no more burdensome revelations, Wold expands.


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