Åsne Seierstad to write a book about Trumps USA

Åsne SeierstadÅsne Seierstad .Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix


Åsne Seierstad reveals that her next book is about the United States. The idea of ​​the book was given under Donald Trump’s inauguration speech.


Opposite VG, Seierstad says it’s too early to say much about the project other than it is in the start-up phase.

“But I have traveled around the US, met people – and will be going on a new trip in November. There are many who know a lot about the United States and who write about the United States, and it’s incredibly important to find out what’s going on there,” says Seierstad.

She emphasizes that this will not become a book about President Donald Trump, but she says she got the idea for the book when Trump became president and that he will be a backdrop and a starting point.

– Like everyone else, I followed the election and the result, but it was only when I heard the speech that got me to think: here are changes taking place. This is a whole new direction, Trump chooses conflict. Now, I have to write about the United States, “she says.

Seierstad was at the book fair in Frankfurt this week in connection with the launch of “Two sisters” in German.


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  1. Someone can not write a book for someone never met before.

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