Aspaker not concerned about the proposal to form EU army

Eurpean work programme for 2016Affairs Elisabeth Aspaker Photo: Rune Bjåstad, MFA, Oslo

The proposal by European Commission’s head Jean-Claude Juncker to create a joint military command and strengthen the European Union, does not worry European minister Elisabeth Vik Aspaker.
22 of 28 member countries are members of NATO, but Aspaker does not fear that the construction of a common EU army would be at the expense of NATO cooperation.

– from what we have heard about this, it should be a complement and not compete with what is happening in NATO, she said to news agency NTB.

– We have a safe vantage point in NATO and do most EU countries. Britain will also have a strong standpoint in NATO when they one day will leave the EU said Aspaker.

– There is no doubt that NATO still continue  to be very, very important in the future, she believes


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today