Man sentenced for abuse worked in a nursing home for eighteen months

ewhalashet Demek Ameha (35) were killed in this house in Fyllingsdalen in BergenBergen.Yewhalashet Demek Ameha (35) were killed in this house in Fyllingsdalen in Bergen. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

The man who is now charged with the murder of Yewhalashet Demek Ameha (35) and also has served time for abuse , got to work in Betanien in Bergen without his references being checked.

The 51 years old man started working at the Betanien rehabilitation and nursing homes in 2012 and dealt with everything from catering, fitness, personal care and transferring patients to singing gatherings, the newspaper BergensAvisen writes.
After three months the  employers received complaints about him for inappropriate behavior toward two female colleagues. Some time later, there were several new complaints from both patients and employees for inappropriate behavior and fondling. He is now under investigation for the assault of a patient.
The man is accused of intentional murder under aggravating circumstances of the 35-year-old Ethiopian woman Yewhalashet Demek Ameha in December 2014. The prosecutor has requested 16 years imprisonment.
The man is a Danish citizen and native of Sri Lanka. He has been convicted several times in Denmark of crimes including violence and sexual abuse.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today