Asylum children prioritised at all levels

double killing in TrondheimDouble killing in Trondheim.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

Trass critic defended the government treatment of asylum children.They are prioritised in immigration management,and the use of temporary residence has broad support.


‘’Unaccompanied minors are prioritised in all sections of immigration management; by registration, accommodation,prosecution and settlement’’ said state secretary, Torkil Åmland of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) in the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Affairs to NTB news.

He recalled that the red-green alliance in 2009 introduced a time-limited residence permit for young asylum seekers until they reach the age of 18.

“The policy has had broad support in parliament.The government’s goal is to prevent children from embarking on a dangerous journey to Norway and Europe. Therefore, we are working on creating a special care center in Afghanistan for minors we return” said Åmland.

The asylum discussion has flared up after the double murder in Trondheim.The accused teen waited for asylum clearance, while the three youngsters involved in the attack all had a stay. Åmland would not comment on the specific case.

Scare tactics

The UN Children’s Committee, Redd Barna, professional communities,and several politicians have criticised the government’s policy towards asylum seekers. Critics believe the children are affected the uncertainty that temporary stay brings.

“Young people who have experienced so many terrible things and who live in great uncertainty here too will be easy to engage in crime. Several of them will be completely unbalanced’’ said Sosialistisk Venstreparti’s (SV’s) Karin Andersen to NTB news.

Trondheim’s mayor, Rita Ottervik of Arbeiderpartiet (AP), told Klassekampen newspaper that she is “very skeptical of temporary stays, especially for a long time”.

“All experience shows that temporarily asylum is unfortunate and that we end up with a large group of ticking bombs” said Venstre’s (V’s) Abid Raja on the 12th of September.

“This is a systemic failure and a direct result of Norwegian asylum policy” said the Afghani’s former guardian, Ine Johannessen, to Klassekampen.

Increased temporary asylum

Åmland said anyone seeking asylum in Norway should receive protection if they need it.

‘’This also applies to unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, and the threshold for child protection is lower than for adults. Nevertheless, there will be children who do not need protection or have other grounds for stay in Norway, and who it is natural to return when they come of age.

The percentage of children staying temporarily had risen from 4% in previo


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