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Asylum seekers moved from school after suspicions of sexual assault

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26 minor asylum seekers will no longer attend lessons at Ulstein school in Ulsteinvik in western Norway. Girls have been subjected to sexual advances, and the police is investigating one specific incident, a possible sexual assault.

What has been described as an “acute situation between asylum seeker minors and girls at Ulstein secondary” has resulted in 26 young male asylum seekers no longer being permitted to attend lessons at the school, the local newspaper Vikebladet writes.
Several of the girls at school say they have experienced sexual advances from the asylum seekers. According to students and parents, several of the asylum seekers have ganged up and bothered girls both on the way to school and after the school hours.
According to Mayor Knut Erik Engh he already received woried messages from parents at Christmas, but now the situation is more acute. Acting sheriff Leif Arne Mork Ulstein and Hareid confirm they are investigating a possible sexual assault, but not rape.
– The case that we are investigating involves  an underage girl and two asylum seeker minors, says Mork.
The alleged assault was reported last week.
According to TV2 the boys who are under investigations between 15 and 17 years. Police have ordered them not to seek out the girl , and they are now moved to other reception centers.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today