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Longyearbyen HospitalSvalbard.Longyearbyen Hospital.Photo:

They work at the world’s northernmost hospital, on an island in the Norwegian Sea, with the Barents Sea and the Arctic as its nearest neighbours. Daily, they provide vital treatment for the 2,000 residents – and emergency preparedness for a growing number of tourists.

Head of Department, Aksel Bilicz, has prepped the hospital in Svalbard for the 100th Anniversary, involving an “Open Day” for Longyearbyen residents, this morning.

The Russian General Consul to Barentsburg Friday made a visit to the Longyearbyen hospital and handed over gifts to department head Bilicz

This weekend marked the 100th anniversary of Longyearbyen Hospital (1916-2016)

The importance of the hospital was emphasized by the recent avalanches.


Source:  The Penguin Post   / Norway Today