The attack in London dominates British front pages

LondonLondon. Outside the Houses of Parliament, London, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. (Stefan R... Credit: AP)

“The day when terror came to Westminster,” is on one front page. British newspaper front pages are heavily affected by the attack in London.

“Terror in Westminster” is dominant on the front page of The Guardian Thursday edition. Under the heading is a picture of parliamentarian Tobias Ellwood performing first aid on the policeman who was stabbed to death.

The Times fails to use the word terrorist and writes instead “attack on Westminster” with the supplementary text “Islamist plowing down pedestrians and killing a policeman.”

According to British police the culprit is linked to Islamist terrorism, but whether he acted alone remains unknown. The police claim they know the man’s identity but has not yet gone out with his name.

The Sun choose to use the image of the perpetrator who lies lifeless on a stretcher after being shot by the police. The caption says “The maniac who ran Britain in the heart.”

Both The Telegraph and The Daily Mail uses similar pictures, but the former captions Prime Minister Theresa Mays words: “Evil will never separate us.” The Sun uses the image taken of the attacker who is lying dead on the stretcher with an open shirt and uses the caption “The day when terror came to Westminster.”

What we know so far. Five killed, including a police officer and the offender, and at least 40 injured in what the Scotland Yard describes as a terrorist attack near the parliament building in London. The perpetrator is shot and killed by police.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today