Attempted to smuggle 52,000 cigarettes over the border

Norwegian Customs officersPhoto: Norwegian Customs officers

Norwegian Customs officers stopped three Romanians crossing the border at Svinesund, from Sweden to Norway.

They claimed they they were going to Stavanger to seek employment. The officers found 52,000 cigarettes and 44 liters of alcohol hidden in the car.

It was Thursday afternoon the customs officers stopped the white van. The three Romanians in the car said that they were heading to Stavanger to visit a friend, and to seek the employment.  But customs officials did not believe their explanation.

– From the conversation the customs officers decided to take a closer look at the van. Eventually they discovered cigarettes and alcohol, but it was well hidden, says section chief Wenche Fredriksen in Customs Administration.

After having the car scanned, the custom officers found what turned out to be the entire amount of  52,000 cigarettes. The cigarettes were well hidden in the walls of the van.

It is not usual that customs officials find such large amounts of cigarettes.

The officers also found 44 liters of alcohol in the van.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today