Attention! Rain awaited in eastern Norway

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Attention! Much more rain awaited in eastern Norway

Attention! Up to 70 millimeters of rain is expected during the night before Wednesday in Eastern Norway. There is a danger of overwater, local flooding and landslides.


– We are expecting a front that will provide rain and rain showers from night before Wednesday until mid-Wednesday, the Meteorological Institute writes on the weather forecast service Yr.

In places, up to 20 millimeters of precipitation may occur in three hours. There is therefore a danger of overwater in densely populated areas, local floods, change in river and stream runs, landslides and flooding where the rain showers hit. The danger increases from 7 pm onwards on Tuesday.

– Local need for preventive measures is stated in the Attention! warning.

Eastern Norway includes the counties Akershus, Oslo, Vestfold, Østfold, Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud, and Telemark.

In the south as well

The weather is also expected in Aust-Agder, alerted meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes to NTB. At the time of writing, the rain showers are over the English Channel and are heading north.

– The weather arrives earlier this evening for southern part, before continuing eastwards via Telemark and the rest of Eastern Norway throughout the night, she says.

Currently, the forecasts do not show enough that she dares to predict where the storm will hit the hardest, but the meteorologist suggests similar conditions as last Wednesday.

– It will be a little bit similar, but at the same time a little different. Similar in the sense that there will be big differences in how much comes down, which means that some will experience severe rain showers while others will not experience the alert as being correct at all, she says.


Last Wednesday, in addition to the rainy weather, there were also thunderstorms and some winds. Thunder clouds will also be present over Eastern Norway on Wednesday, but the rain shower potential is somewhat smaller.

It peaked at 80 millimeters of rain last Wednesday, registered on Bygdøy. Tonight we are expecting up to 70, tells Moxnes.

She adds that the wind will be the strongest in Western Norway, but that there will also be unpleasant in southern Norway and in the mountains in the evening and at night.

– I do not recommend a mountain hike this evening, says the meteorologist.

The weather is expected to pass by during the night, but a little will remain after the morning hours in the extreme east.

– But during the day it will have passed by and after that it will be quite nice. We are awaiting sun and pleasant temperatures, says Moxnes.


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