Au-pair agency hopes for change to the rules

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Energy Au Pair hopes the regulations will be changed as a result of the case concerning Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr’s au pair, who
has now been expelled from Norway.

Energy Au Pair acted as intermediary when Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr of Fremskrittsparti (FRP) employed the au pair. Aftenposten newspaper revealed on Wednesday that the woman from the
Philippines had to leave Norway on the 10th of May because the UDI believes she worked illegally in the period from August to October last year.

The Kallmyr family and the au pair’s lawyer, however, insist that she only moved in with her family as a guest, made food for herself and washed her own clothes.

During this period she had submitted parts of the application online, but did not submit a complete application, which is done with the police.

‘’Not all au pairs physically deliver the application to the police before they move in’’ said Natalia Ravn-Christensen of the au pair agency, Energy Au Pair, to VG newspaper.

Now, the agency hopes that the Ministry of Justice will bring about changes to the rules, where, according to VG, it is not entirely clear whether it is impossible to move in with the host family as a guest and without carrying out work before the meeting with the police is completed.

Energy Au Pair stated that this is the first case in its kind the agency has had.

‘’I hope the rules change so that the au pair can work from the day she delivers the application online.

Then she has the contract and all the formalities in place and will not depend on when the police have time’’ said Ravn-Christensen.

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