Autumn holiday affected by a train strike

Train line rails and wheels Spanish couple Train Delays Østfold lineRailway .Photo: Norway Today Media

The escalation of the train drivers strike affects both the east and west, and both regional and commuter trains. The worst part yesterday was beyond Østfold trains, but autumn holidays in Hordaland also got a bad start.

Friday night more trains stopped to Østfold, and especially travelers who were going home from Oslo towards Ski and Moss got into trouble.

From midnight every commuter on Østfold trains, and the regional trains that still run, do not stop at all stations.

In Bergen area the strike will have greater implications than first thought.

– The train drivers who withdrew in Bergen, operate both local trains on Arna, Voss and Bergen Lines. We’ve detected that more departures are afflicted than we first thought, says NSB’s Håkon Myhre to NRK news.

Saturday two out of three Oslo departures are cancelled, while three out of four are cancelled on Sunday. Departures that are cancelled as a result of the strike will vary from day to day, according to NSB.

Altogether 118 train drivers are on strike. 33 in Moss, 29 in Ski, 28 in Lillistrom, 19 in Oslo, 7 in Bergen, 1 in Trondheim and 1 in Kristiansand.


NTB scanpix / Norway Today