Avalanche danger increases in the Northwest

avalanche avalanchesA vehicle can be more than sufficient to trigger an avalanche. Photo: Pixabay.com

Avalanche danger increases in Northwestern Norway

There are expected to be more naturally triggered avalanches in Northwestern parts of Southern Norway on Christmas Eve. During the Yuletide, the danger level also increases elsewhere.


The danger of avalanches is significant for Trollheimen, Sunnmøre, Romsdal and Inner parts of Fjordane according to the website varsom.no (caution.no). Here it is announced naturally triggered sheet avalanches on Christmas Eve. The same applies to Hardanger.

Sheet avalanches are large sheets of snow that loosen when weak layers collapse. They can reach a speed of up to 130 kilometres per hour in just 6 seconds. Even a smaller load, especially in steep slopes, may be enough to trigger a sheet avalanche.

The hazard level is maintained on Christmas Day. The notification is then extended to apply to large parts of Troms, Vest-Telemark and Hallingdal.


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