Avalanche danger warning issued for several places in Southern Norway

HemsedalPhoto: Halvard Alvik / NTB

In Jotunheimen, Hallingdal, and near Voss, there is a significant risk of avalanches in the next few days. The NVE has issued an orange warning for the coming days.

“It seems that the danger will last for a while,” Jostein Aasen of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The NVE has also sent out warnings that apply to Wednesday and Thursday for areas in Indre Sogn, Hardanger, and in parts of Telemark.

A warning to skiers

At the moment, a skier could easily trigger avalanches in several mountain areas in Southern Norway. 

Aasen asked skiers to keep a sufficient distance from avalanche terrains. 

Cracks in the snow cover are a clear danger sign that must be taken seriously, he emphasized.

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