Axeman arrested in Skien

Police, Five teenage boys chargedPolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

On Friday afternoon, armed police arrested a man who had entered an apartment in Skien, and threatened another with an axe.


The police announced the incident at Skotfoss in Skien at 16.15 pm Friday afternoon. The detainee is a 42 year old man from Skien with a previous police conviction, said operations manager, Jan Olaf Jansen, of the Telemark police to NTB news.

“There was a guy who wanted to contact another person. When he didn’t get into the apartment, he hit the door with an axe. Inside, he threatened the man who lived there’’, said Jansen.

The resident managed to escape from his home. Outside, he stopped a car that was passing by, and called the police. Armed police wentto the address.

“The police arrived quickly, and found him there. He was arrested, and now we are waiting for what happens after we have questioned him,”said Jansen.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today