B-52 on exercise in Troms

B-52 BomberB-52 Bomber, Photo: Pixabay.com

In an exercise in Troms this week, a B-52 bomber from the United States participated. A unique opportunity to practice with the US Air Force, reports the Defense.

The exercise took place on Wednesday. The large US bomber trained together with F-16 aircraft in the airspace west of Troms, the Armed Forces report.

From the ground, fire chiefs from the Army interacted with the US aircraft. The US Air Force has expressed a desire to train with Norwegian forces.

“From the Armed Forces side, this is a unique opportunity to practice with the US Air Defense and become better acquainted with a strategically important capacity. It is important that we train with our allies in our neighborhoods and that we become acquainted with each other’s procedures so that we can support each other should it be needed in the future, says Colonel Eystein Kvarving, communications manager at the Armed Forces operational headquarters.

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a strategic long-range bomber. It is 48.5 meters long and has a wingspan of 56.4 meters. The aircraft has eight engines. Internally, it’s called BUFF (“Big Ugly Fat Fucker”), writes Wikipedia.

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