Baby dies after pram accident in Bergen

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Baby dies after pram accident in a kindergarten

A one-year-old baby, who was caught up in a strap in a kindergarten in Bergen on January 3rd, has died after being several weeks at the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

The police were informed of the death on Friday morning. They issued a notification regarding this after consulting with the parents of the baby boy.

“Investigation of the case is still ongoing, consisting of questioning and technical investigations. The police will perform a closer examination of the pram next week. They will be assisted by the Violent Crimes Unit (Kripos) in this,” Lawyer in the West Police District, Eli Valheim, informs.

The baby boy fell out of a pram and his neck was entwined by a strap. The pram was parked in the small children’s section of the Akasia Paradis kindergarten. The accident occurred at noon on Thursday, 3rd January. According to the police, the strap was part of the harness of the pram. The pram belongs to the parents, the Bergen newspaper Bergens Tidende (BT) writes.

The one-year-old was alive, but not conscious when he was brought to Haukeland University Hospital.

Deep sorrow

CEO of Akasia, Ove-Christian Fredriksen, tells Bergens Tidende that they are in deep sorrow.

“We are incredibly sorry for what has happened and mourn together with the family of the child. Our thoughts and our deepest compassion go out to them, and other relatives who are now in an incredibly difficult situation,” Fredriksen states.

He emphasises that the most important thing now, is that parents and relatives receive the follow-up they are in need of.

“We will do what we can. We will also take care of the employees and ensure that the other children are well taken care of,” he continues.

The other parents, with children attending the kindergarten, are notified of the death as well.

“This is just incredibly painful and sad,” Jørgen Seljenes comments. Seljenes is a parent representative of Akasia Paradis.

Sleep guards

In addition to the police investigating the case, the kindergarten has gone through its own routines and have decided that they will implement so-called «Sleep Guards». This means that an employee will conduct permanent supervision of the children who are sleeping – both inside and outside the building. The scheme is introduced effective immediate.

“Such events will naturally cause some unrest in some, and then it is important for us to provide security. In order for them to bring their child to our daycare centre again,” Ove-Christian Fredriksen tells NRK.

On Sunday, January 6th, the Akasia leadership met with the parents. Between 50 and 60 were in attendance. There are a total of 110 children in the kindergarten where the accident occurred.

The day after the accident, the kindergarten temporarily closed its doors. It was business as usual as of the following Monday.

About 20 employees have been followed up after the incident. Akasia has also brought in additional staffing from other kindergartens to assist.

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