You are backstabbing us, says KrFU-tops

KrFUMartine Tønnessen (leader), Jarle Aarbakke Tollaksen (1st Deputy), Olaus Trygve Bjuland (2nd Deputy), Mathias Slettholm (Internationally Responsible, Central Committee), Emma Løvaas Akyeampong (Central Committee) and Eivind Skaar (Central Committee) at the KrFU Country Council Assembly at Gardermoen

You are backstabbing us, KrFU-tops tell delegates

23 KrFU tops raise an issue with the delegates in the youth party who will support a vote of no confidence against the Government at the Christian Democrat’s (Krf) National assembly in November.


The national newspaper VG has access to the email, which was allegedly sent on Tuesday morning. The email is titled «A blatant breach of confidence», and states that there is currently a confidence crisis in the youth party, writes the newspaper.

– Before the election of the Central Committee, everyone agreed that we should not interfere with the choice of direction and representatives. This we have remained loyal to, with the consequence that you are now stabbing us in the back at the first crossroads, is stated in the email.

Split down the middle

The KrFU is divided into the question of whether the party should follow the Leader of the party, Knut Arild Hareide, and seek Government cooperation with Labour and the Centre Party or continue the cooperation with the current Government. The weekend before Hareide gave his advice, the KrFU National Assembly voted in favour of that the Christian Democrats should join the current Government instead of remaining as a support party.

The email that VG refers to has been sent to KrFU’s two deputies: Nikolai Berglund Skogan and Edel-Marie Haukland, as well as to Emma Løva’s Akyeampong, Karine Skoglund and Kristofer Olai Ravn Stavsen.

Warn against the consequences

The authors warn against the consequences of voting against the decision made by the KrFU National Assembly.

– We respect that you do not want to vote against your own conviction, but then you must withdraw and relinquish the seat to someone who will vote in line with what the organisation has agreed on, the message continues.

KrFU leader Martine Tønnessen confirms to NTB that the delegation to the National Assembly has received the email.

– We will discuss this internally, and I do not want to comment on this any further, she writes.


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