Bad summer gives a good mushrooms autumn

mushroomsMushrooms: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

While holidaying Norwegians complain about bad July weather, 15 degrees and rain provide excellent growing conditions for mushrooms. This year’s mushroom season can become very good, the expert predicts.

– Now it looks promising. The mushrooms have been in place for a long time, and now both the chanterelle and the stone mushroom are coming through, says mushroom expert Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen to NTB.

This year’s season has started early due to the June heat, followed by the bad July weather. Reports of fungal deposits are now coming from all over the country.


-15-18 degrees and lots of precipitation is absolutely fantastic weather for mushrooms. Then they thrive, while we think it’s a little too cold, says Jenssen – who himself drowns the disappointment of a bad summer with a good mushroom harvest.

We will have a good mushroom year ahead, he states.

On social media such as Facebook, many have already posted pictures of solid fungal finds.

The stone mushroom, considered by many mushroom lovers to be the king of the mushroom kingdom, thrives in pine forests. Those who hunt for the forest’s gold, the chanterelle, should follow light-open paths in older spruce and mixed forests. Chanterelles thrive best where the trees are not too dense. And once you have found a chanterelle site, you can safely keep coming back.

– A chanterelle site can last for generations, says the mushroom expert from Mycoteam.

Check the mushrooms

At the same time, reports of fungal poisoning have begun to trickle in.

– Know what you are eating, advises Jenssen.

On the website, the mushrooms you have in the basket can be checked digitally. There is also information on where physical fungal checks have been set up.

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