Balloons led to full emergency scramble

Helium BalloonsHelium Balloons. Photo:

Dropping balloons led to full emergency scramble at Seljord

The emergency services moved out to Seljordsvannet in Telemark after notification that one or more objects came descending from the sky. It turned out to be balloons.


The police in Telemark Tweeted on Sunday that they moved out after the message, as it was uncertain what it was all about.

Shortly thereafter, the police reported that several balloons were observed in the water, and that the Red Cross from Seljord was at the site immediately by boat.

– As it seems, it’s totally innocent. Based on what the caller reported to us, we launched a rescue mission, says operations manager in the southeastern police district, Lene Nordbø, to NTB.

It later turns out that its talk of seven or eight regular birthday balloons, according to VG.

Nordbø says a cabin owner alerted the police about a yellow object that came descending a mountain cliff and landed in the water. Two police patrols, the fire brigade, ambulance, divers from the Vestre Viken and the Red Cross all moved out to the site. The Main Rescue Central was also notified.

– Notification that it was something in the water. It is a large distance from where there is a cabin to the site, so we had to take it seriously, says Nordbø.

Just before 2 pm, the police announce that the rescue operation has ended.


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