Bama withdraws lime from the shops

Lime caseLime. Photo:

Harmful pesticides have been detected in lime from Brazil.

The lime has been on sale in several food chains across the country since 14 September. Now Bama asks consumers to throw or return the damaged fruit.
– Samples taken by the FSA on 19 September show elevated levels of pesticide residues in lime from Brazil, writes Bama in a statement.
Traces of the pesticide Carbofuran were found to be over limit. This can pose a health hazard with a high intake of the item.
Storage barred
The products are barred in Bama’s storage and the shops have been notified to remove the product from shelves.
The product is sold in these stores across the country: Rema 1000, SPAR, Joker, KIWI, MENU, Jacob’s and Bunnpris and at Storkjøkkenkunder.
Source: Aftenposten / Norway Today