Poacher sentenced to watch “Bambi” 15 times

Photo: Gorm Kallestad (FRB)

Poacher sentenced to watch “Bambi” 15 times

The animated film, “Bambi” will be viewed during a prison sentence of a 29-year-old who has killed hundreds of deer illegally in Missouri in the United States.


David Berry Jr. was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after being convicted of the crime. The case is one of the biggest in terms of illegal hunting of deer in Missouri.

The judge in Lawrence also included in the penalty that Berry must see the Walt Disney classic “Bambi” from 1942 at least once a month, where little Bambi becomes orphaned after its mother is killed by a sniper.

According to the prosecutor in the case, Don Trotter, Berry, and his family have shot hundreds of deer to get their heads as trophies.


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