Barge returns to quay during salvage

Rambiz Barge Salvage Helge IngstadThe crane barge Rambix. Photo: DEME Group

Barge returns to quay during salvage of KNM «Helge Ingstad»

The weather conditions at the accident site where KNM «Helge Ingstad» is located have been good in the last 24 hours, and the wrecked frigate has not moved, the Norwegian Navy informs.


“There is a forecast of strong winds in the area, and the barge that has been lying next to the wreck has now returned to the quay,” the Royal Norwegian Navy reports on Monday.

“The work of pulling lifting chains under the wreck has been ongoing through the weekend. We now have two more chains running under the hull. The crane barge «Rambiz» returned in the morning hours of Monday to Hanøytangen since strong winds have been forecast in the area surrounding the Frigate,“ the Armed Forces adds.

On Sunday, Rambiz was moored next to KNM «Helge Ingstad», where it, assisted by divers, placed the last lifting chains under the hull of the wreck.


“The Defence Material agency has the hope that the raising of KNM Helge Ingstad can begin in mid-January. This is because the agency supposedly is close to solving the challenge that the frigate is partially resting on the seabed,” writes Bergens Tidende.

“Whether we approach a solution and what that eventually entails, I cannot speculate on. The raising occurs when all the detailed planning is in place and the weather is good, Communications Adviser in Defence Materials, Vigdis Hvaal,” explains.

KNM «Helge Ingstad» is mostly underwater near the shoreline in Øygarden in Hordaland after colliding with the tanker Sola TS during the night before November 8th last year. In recent weeks, the Armed Forces have been working to secure the vessel and make it ready to be salvaged.

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