Beach weather in the south on May 17th

May 17thOslo. May 17th celebration in downtown Oslo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

There will be temperatures up to 20 degrees throughout southern Norway on the national day. Further north, there will be storms and
temperatures down to zero.

Find the sunglasses and tee shirt, because the high pressure will dominate all of southern Norway on the national day. In the middle of
the day, the thermometer could show 23 degrees in several places.

‘’It will get hot in a bunad’’ said meteorologist,Tone Kristin Taule at the Meteorological Institute to NTB news.

For Western, Eastern and Southern Norway, May 17 looks like it will be the best and hottest day of the week.

Along the coast of Central Norway, on the other hand, there is a fog hazard, which risks becoming a real party dampener.

‘’If the fog stays until Friday, it will have an impact on the temperatures in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal.But it’s too early to say if the fog will lift’’ said Taule.

Grey and cold furthest north

In Northern Norway there will be a heavier type of weather.

It could be nice in Nordland, but the prospect does not look as bright for Troms and Finnmark. There there’ll be rain and much lower temperatures.

‘’There will be scattered showers in the north. Not everyone will get rain, but it will vary’’ she said.

Finnmarkingen will get temperatures down to three degrees and risk having to march in sledges.

Wet at the weekend

Despite the fine weather in the South on the national day, the grey weather is not far away.

‘’A front system with showers is approaching from the south and will provide more clouds throughout the evening on Friday. But fortunately, the weather will be good during the hours when people are most active in the middle of the day’’ said Taule.

This will bring unstable weather, and there will be periods of rain.

Southern Norway and the southernmost part of Eastern Norway will have rainfall on Friday night. It will be calm for most of Saturday.

The low pressure could also pull towards Rogaland and Hordaland.

On Sunday it will also draw towards Eastern Norway.

“The weather in the north is unchanged and the low pressure will
remain stable throughout the weekend, but it could get a little warmer” she said.

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