Beautiful weather on Saturday in Kollen – then rainfall comes

Winter sun HolmenkollenWinter sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Beautiful weather on Saturday in Holmenkollen – then rainfall comes

The weekend starts well in most parts of the country, but the pleasure doesn’t last long. Rain makes it way from the south.


If you think winter was over, you’re sadly wrong. The gray and cool weather in Eastern Norway continues towards the weekend, according to the Meteorological Institute.

Then follows a perfect Saturday for skiing and ski jumping in Holmenkollen.

“On Friday the weather will get better and better, and Saturday will turn out to be a nice day,” says Meteorologist Ine-Therese Pedersen to NTB, before revealing the bad news.

Sad ending to the weekend

On Sunday, large amounts of precipitation come from the south. It will affect large parts of southern Norway until Tuesday.

“There will be snow, a bit milder temperatures and a possibility for strong winds on the coast. There will also be the chance for gale force winds in counties like East and West Agder,” says Pedersen.

Western Norway expects a similar weather pattern as Eastern Norway. Where the days to the weekend are characterized by a lot of cloud cover, then the sun will shine on Saturday.

This means, among other things, nice and mild weather in Bergen.

“Saturday will be good there too, but it’s primarily a small respite before it gets more of the usual,” says Meteorologist Pedersen.

Nice weather in central Norway

In mid-Norway, winter does not completely go away, much thanks to the drop in degrees during nightfall, but during the day the weather will be quite nice towards the weekend.

“There will be periods of sun in Trøndelag, and in the rest of the country there will still be a freezing wind. When the weekend is approaching, there will be a little more rainfall in Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal,” says Pedersen.

“In Trøndelag the weather has been dry,” added the meteorologist.

Weather shift in the north

In Northern Norway, the Meteorological Institute says it will be stable for the remainder of the week. Which means quite dry and little wind in Nordland and Troms in the weekdays before, it will be cloudy at times.

“In the weekend, there is a little precipitation from the east of Finnmark, while the cold decreases. It will still be relatively cold, but rather minus 10-20 degrees than minus 30,” says Ine-Therese Pedersen at the Meteorological Institute of NTB.


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