Beggar seized with six million kroner in cash in Sweden

beggaryIllustration.Beggary.Photo: Norway Today Media

A beggar in Sweden has been arrested on suspicion of money laundering after the police found six million dollars in cash on him.


The man was arrested when he was begging for money at a ski resort in Uppsala on Monday.

“When we made a closer inspection, banknotes fell from the man’s jacket.

And then more and more”, said local police chief of Uppsala and Knivsta, Jale Poljarevius, to Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper.
The man also had a bag. The police estimate that he had a total of six million Swedish kronor in cash on him when he attempted to beg money for a bus ticket on Monday.
“This is a very strange case. Why does anyone who has 6 million kroner on them have to beg for money for a ticket”, asked the local police chief.
Police do not know where the money comes from at the moment. They hope the further investigation will reveal its source.

“But any person who goes around with so much cash on them will be suspected of crime”.

The man is suspected of violation of the Money Laundering Act, which means that a person is managing money derived from criminal activity. The money has been seized.

Lawyer, Anne Sjöblom said that the man is of Nordic origin. They are not aware whether he is used to begging for money.


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