Majorstua suspect went back to Uppsala

Makaveli Lindén MajorstuaMakaveli Lindén, aka Christian Bo Lindén, Just after being arrested in 2017. Photo: Swedish Police

The Police believes Majorstua suspect went back to Uppsala

The police have still not arrested anyone for the murder at Majorstua in Oslo on Monday but says that the prime suspect, Makaveli Lindén, left Oslo and returned to his hometown, Uppsala in Sweden, before heading on.


– There is still no arrest made in the murder case. We believe that the indicted man left Oslo and Norway on the same day as the murder and robbery occurred. We have observation, video and other information indicating that he is entering the train which was due at 4.56 pm from Oslo Central Station to Stockholm. We also believe he went on to Uppsala, but do not want to elaborate further on his movements after that, says Responsible Investigations Officer in the Oslo Police, Grete Metlid, on Monday morning.

– The Oslo Police still receive tips and information in the case, but for investigative reasons, we will not be specific or detailed about what we do and how we work to locate and arrest the suspect, Metlid continues.

She emphasises that the police still wish for more information and tips in the case.

Aborted contact with his case officer

Lindén is charged with murdering Heikki Bjørklund Paltto (24) in an apartment in the Arbo street at Majorstua in Oslo last Monday. He is also charged with a robbery in Essendrop’s street nearby on the same morning.

According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Lindén sent a text message to his case officer on Sunday 14th October – the day before the robbery and murder at Majorstua. According to the newspaper’s information, he states that he is threatened to his life and that he was hiding in Germany.

Police inspector Grete Lien Metlid this Sunday announced that Lindén is aware that he is internationally wanted and that he, therefore, is in a difficult situation. She has asked people not to approach the murder indicted man, but to call the police instead if he is observed.

Just out of the penitentiary

According to Aftonbladet, Lindén was released from jail on August 10th after serving the minimum of two-thirds of a sentence of one and a half years in prison for robbery. A robbery in which he entered the window of a student residence and threateningly obtained money from the inhabitant

It was set as a requirement for his release that he should attend a weekly visit by a case officer, but in mid-October, the 20-years-old broke this contact off. The last contact was thus a text message the day before the murder took place in Oslo.

Probably in a third country

In connection with the release of Lindén, the Swedish Criminal Court wrote in its report that the 20-years-old poses a medium-size risk of reverting to crime. It is also pointed to «some cross-border» behaviour against both other inmates and prison staff.

Still, according to Aftonbladet, the police have through electronic surveillance managed to locate Makaveli Linden, aka Christian Bo Lindén, in a third country. Both the use of his bank card and mobile phone has provided valuable information to the police about his whereabouts.


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