Bergen increases infection control measure: Prohibits private gatherings of more than ten people

Bryggen in BergenBryggen in Bergen: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

Bergen is increasing measures to reduce corona infection. Private gatherings of more than ten people and public events with more than 50 participants are now prohibited.

– We are now in a situation where we have to limit the spread of the infection. We have to stop this outbreak. And we believe that if we succeed now in a ten-day period, then we can avoid stronger measures later, said City Councilor Roger Valhammer (Labor) when the new infection control measures were presented Tuesday night.

The measures will initially apply for ten days until 18 September.

The backdrop is the contagion flourishing in the student community in the city. Infection rates have risen sharply in the last two weeks, and since Monday alone, 42 new cases have been registered.

The new infection control measures are as follows:

* Private gatherings are reduced from the current maximum number of twenty to ten. This means that it will be forbidden to have more than ten people at private gatherings.

* Public events can have a maximum of 50 participants, down from 200 today.

* Restaurants and bars must keep a list of visitors.

* Restrictions on visits to nursing homes and health institutions are reintroduced.

* Students are given a postponed internship in municipal services.

Anyone who can work from home in Bergen is required to do so.

A recommendation is also introduced for face masks on public transport, and everyone in the municipality who can have a home office must have one.

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