Bergen municipality introduces face masks in elderly care

face masksFace masks-Photo: Pixabay

As a precautionary measure, employees and visitors to nursing homes and home services will now wear face masks when it is not possible to keep a distance of one meter.

– “This is a precautionary measure to protect the elderly, which is a group that is particularly vulnerable with regard to developing the serious illness as a result of Covid-19,” says medical director Trond Egil Hansen in Bergen municipality in a press release.

He emphasizes that you only need to use a face mask if it is not possible to comply with the one-meter rule.

In the home care service, the guidelines for wearing a face mask apply in cases where the service recipient is 65 years of age or older.

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  1. It was obvious this was vital all the way back in mid-March. How many have died of the coronavirus since then in Bergen? in Norway? Why the delay? The “experts”/”authorities” didn’t approve/authorize it?

    There was and is no excuse for the delay. People in Norway must somehow acquire independent minds and common sense, to prevent this kind of … negligence … from happening again.

    At least we aren’t Sweden, where the negligence was perverse: outright, needless medical murder.

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