Bergen municipality police investigate kindergarten

kindergarten core-timeChildren attending Kindergarten. Photo: Pixabay

The city council in Bergen have named a private kindergarten for not reporting that three siblings told them about physical abuse at home.

‘Considerations of the best interests of the children are the reason why the city council today decided to report the family,’ said City Council leader, Harald Schjelderup.

The municipality of Bergen takes very seriously, what appears to be a lack of warnings, and follow-up by the private kindergarten’, stated a press release from the municipality.

Before Easter, Bergensavisen newspaper wrote that for over three years, the kindergarten failed to report what the children had told them.

After inspection, the municipality gave the kindergarten three orders. The municipality believes that if the kindergarten’s employees had previously notified them of the abuse, the violence against the children could have been interrupted earlier.

Municipal Director, Trine Samuelsberg, said before Easter that it could be relevant to report the kindergarten to the police in the current situation. The lawyer on the case was asked to look into the matter and make his assessment.

The City Council discussed the matter, and decided to tell police of the family, and the kindergarten, who are still under investigation by the police.

Both parents have been charged with section 282, relating to violence in close, family relationships. According to the police, it will be about physical violence, punches and smacks.

‘The case is expected to be heard in mid-May’, said police attorney, Elisabeth Ryen, of the Western Police District.

She does not know if any of the staff of the kindergarten have been called to testify in the case.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today