Bergen Municipality will notify people in larger groups

Bryggen in BergenBergen.Bryggen in Bergen.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

If many people gather in a defined area outdoors, Bergen Municipality will send them SMS and ask them to spread.

The municipality has gone to the acquisition of technology that makes it possible to count sim cards in mobile phones in a defined area of the city.

City Council leader Roger Valhammer told NRK earlier this week that he fears many will go out in the good weather.

Opposite Bergens Tidende, Valhammer says that the technology purchased in connection with the corona epidemic is the same that was used by the municipality during the cycling World Cup.

One of the purposes of the sim card count is to break up large population gatherings. The system also makes it possible to send SMS to people who come into Bergen municipality, where information on infection prevention recommendations is informed.

-“We have considered the privacy and believe it is taken care of. The data is on Telia and Telenor. We only get aggregated data from a defined area, and it must be a certain size. We do not get information about individuals and have no idea who the messages are going to,” says Valhammer to BT.

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