Bergen’s infection control chief physician resigns after a few months on the job

Frank van BettenPhoto: Marit Hommedal / NTB

On January 21, Frank van Betten was employed as Bergen’s infection control chief physician. He has now informed the Municipality that he is retiring.

“The job as Bergen’s infection control chief physician has been hectic and professionally interesting. I also experience the cooperation within the Municipality to be good. The choice to retire was made for personal reasons,” Frank van Betten said in a press release from Bergen Municipality.

Van Betten started working in January after being at the head of health in Stavanger Municipality. He replaced Karina Koller Løland, who resigned in November last year in protest after only eight months in the position.

Van Betten says that he contacted the municipal leadership a couple of weeks ago to say that he was considering retirement.

Temporary replacement

From May 1, Egil Bovim will become the acting infection control chief physician for the tasks related to handling the coronavirus.

Bergen Municipality stated that they will now advertise the vacancy again.

“I understand that van Betten wants to retire. We have had a good collaboration and are very satisfied with the work he has done. We greatly appreciate that Bovim will take care of the responsibility in the future, and we feel confident that this is a good solution,” Bergen’s City Councilor for the Elderly, Health, and Volunteering, Beate Husa, noted.

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