Biografy: Dissatisfaction with Listhaug

The Minister of Immigration Sylvi ListhaugPhoto: The Minister of Immigration Sylvi Listhaug ( Progress Party ) Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Biografy: Dissatisfaction with Listhaug

Minister of Immigration and Integration,Sylvi Listhaug’s (FrP), and her strategy and rhetoric is a source of increasing dissatisfaction with the Conservatives, according to an unauthorized biography.

 In the book “Cross my heart “The truth about Sylvi Listhaug ” a commentator in Bergens Tidende, Mathias Fischer, writes about the ever-increasing frustration over Listhaug within the Conservative Party.

Fischer writes that while Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) wanted a broad agreement, where virtually the whole parliament would back the asylum policy, the Progress Party would require a vote on every proposal to make the difference between them and the other parties evident.

– Basically, this may seem a technical difference. In reality, it is a high stakes game that reveal how different the Conservatives and Listhaug think about politics, the BT commentator writes.

Capital sin for Cabinet Ministers

Furthermore, Fischer writes that either Listhaug does not perceive Solberg’s wishes or that she consciously choose to defy the Prime Minister.

– An act that is quite close to a capital sin for Cabinet Ministers, writes Fischer.

According to the book, it is not only Listhaug’s ‘solo play’ strategy that creates frustration for the Conservatives, it is also the rhetoric and the way she acts in social media. Her style has been on the agenda in several group meetings by the Conservatives.

– They fear that she creates trouble for the reputation of the Government. Even within the Government people are frustrated, Fischer writes.

Wonders if she’s grateful

The author, Mathias Fischer, is a former politician for the Liberals, and is currrently a deputy representative for Hordaland in the Parliament.

In the book, he writes that there is also a certain frustration in Frp over the way Listhaug handled the process around the restrictive asylum policy. Several of her fellow party representatives allegedly are of the opinion that they “managed to land an issue that Listhaug mucked up.”

– I wonder if she is grateful for the job we did. It would be interesting to hear if she acknowledges it, says one of the peers in the Progress Party’s parliamentary group.

The book is published on Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. Listhaug herself has chosen not to comment on the biography.


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